Amphilodia: Car diverted its course and lured everything it found

A car accident occurred in the morning of Friday (08.03.2024) in , resulting in the severe injury of one of the two occupants of the car. Video – document that recorded the shocking car accident, at the intersection of Bukas in Amphilodic Argos, the vehicle seems to be diverting its course, getting out of control and drifting through the marking signs of lighting columns and finding in front of it at least 100 meters away. For good luck of the two occupants, he writes e-maistros, crossed through the concrete base of CAFO and the breast. Vehicle components were scattered all the way while the severity of the collision testifies to gears of the gearbox that were detached. The incident seriously injured one of the two young occupants. By EKAB ambulance he was taken to Agrinio General Hospital and then to NGN Fathers where he is multi-injury and is hospitalized out of danger.