Ambulance Employees to Protest in Thessaloniki

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(Title) Performance protest outside the gate of Government House, with three vehicles and black flags, held from 8:30 until 10 am, the ambulance crews.

The ambulance workers asked to cover any additional staff in Thessaloniki, with transfers and placements by the force of 236 newly recruited responders in February.

«currently operate fourteen ambulances – is course and summer leave, but we should have more vehicles on the road. Three, only we brought here to protest a half hours and forced them and we move them to the current calls for assistance that we have, “said the chairman of the ambulance-2, Antonis Antonopoulos.

« Postings responders the street where we need to have the patient and not on irrelevant agencies, asked to statements by the chairman of the Federation of Workers in the Ambulance, Ierotheos Giamouridis, reiterating its long-standing demand of the federation to support the ambulance, especially in counties and regional renewal fleet.

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