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Allowance for heating: 10 questions + answers for the submission of an application

Open the application in Taxis – Within the first few hours, submitted a request about 4,500 households…
A detailed guide for completing the application for the allowance of heating oil, by beneficiaries and managers of apartment buildings, was issued by the General Secretariat of Public Revenue (See here).
Also issued a handbook with the most common questions and answers on the subject.
1. What codes we enter to the Application of Beneficiaries of the allowance for heating oil to you?
a. Certified users of e-services of C.C.D.E. connected, using the codes to access the TAXISnet.
b. Users who do not have passwords TAXISnet, we identified alternatively giving TIN number and a notification of any of the last 5 clearing, or acts of determining tax Declarations of Income Tax of Natural Persons.
If you don’t remember their passwords, and as it happens, the user name (username) is identified with your TIN, then you can’t use the alternative way of connection. For this you need to retrieve the code πρόσβασήσ you through the relevant procedures.
2. What web applications will use it for the service of the allowance oil (E.K.E.I);
On the website Services to Citizens, Service for the Benefit of Heating Oil
a. Application Submission/Amendment of an Application for Inclusion in the Register of Recipients of Heating Oil this year
b. Application Managers – Representatives for supplement information residents and millimeter heating.
3. Until when I have a deadline for the submission of application to the Register of Recipients of oil heating?
31 May 2017
4. O supplier of oil didn’t give me details to apply for the benefit. How will be the intersection of the elements?
The supplier of oil does not give evidence for the submission of your application.
Each document oil market shall be submitted by the supplier in the ΓΓΔΕ.
What to watch out for is: The correct indication of your TIN or VAT manager-representative if it’s building or the TIN of the building if it is declared by the administrator. (see. question 5). The correct indication of the number of providers of the PPC or of the shared number of provider, if it’s building.
CAUTION! the details of the VAT number and the number of supply of the PPC must be the same in the document of the supplier and in your application.
5. What must the administrator with regard to the management application tenants/ mm heating an apartment?
The Management Application tenants/mm heating apartment building is aimed at administrators of apartment buildings or to representatives of buildings where there is more than one dwelling (ολιγοκατοικίες) and for which there is a common burner.
The manager-representative enters the information of the apartments of the building/ολιγοκατοικίας, as well as the participation of each one of these on heating costs in millimetres. Changes to the above data, the administrator may carry out only before activate the payment feature.
It is mandatory to indicate the millimeters of participation in heating costs for all of the apartments of an apartment building to create the total image of the (open – closed – belonging to natural persons and legal persons).
You must agree to a distribution, valid for all time.
The total mm of the apartments shall be 1000, so that it can be activated and the ability to pay.
You can activate the option of payment when you have submitted all the applications from the beneficiaries.
Before the activation of the payment option, verify the correct submission of applications of the beneficiaries. Their application is correct only when next to them there is the indication “There is a request”.
In the documents of the oil markets heating elements of the TIN and the number of shared providers of the PPC should be the same as those which you have entered in the application management residents/mm heating.
In the case that has been issued with a TIN for the building, and you want documents for the purchase of heating oil to be issued in this TIN, you’ll need to set the TIN that the elements of the building, by selecting the relevant link Definition TIN”. The TIN building cannot be changed then neither can be deleted.
CAUTION! Even in the case of set TIN building, in the applications of the occupants will indicate the VAT number of the administrator.
6. I’m an administrator, but we don’t have a shared meter PPC clock (PPC ) in the building. What clock PPC I have to say like shared?
Register your own (administrator/representative) clock PPC, or alternatively select a watch (ref. supply of PPC) that you have agreed with all tenants of the building.
7. What needs to be done in the event of a change of manager?
In the application management residents/mm heating block of flats, will it show the new data. The tenants will submit the new applications with the new vat manager. The administrator will activate the payment feature. CAUTION! The new intersections performing market for heating oil, affecting the purchases that are made after the activation date of the payment option.
8. We are a high-rise building, where each apartment has its own burner. I have to say like a building or each tenant to make a request as a resident of a detached house on?
I’ll do a separate application for each one as residents of a detached house, with the condition that they will obtain oil with different purchasing documents. The details of the VAT number and the number of supply of the PPC must be the same in the document of the πρατηριούχου and, respectively, in the application of each beneficiary.
9. I have submitted my application in the Register of Recipients of Heating Oil, the purchase document, but shall indicate the VAT number of my wife. There will be a problem at the intersection of the elements?
The intersection of the data will not be completed. The details of the VAT number and the number of supply of the PPC must be the same in the document of the πρατηριούχου and in your application.
10. The credit to my account is not carried out due to inactive IBAN which I have stated. How can I fix it?
I’ll make amendment to application which will fix the IBAN or to register your new IBAN from the corresponding option on the screen “projection Crossbred Oil Markets”.

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