“ALLIANCE” GERMANY – HOLLAND … The extreme right still exists FASCISM IN EUROPE …

(Title) The Dutch politician Gert Wilders, known for his rivalry towards Islam, will speak Saturday at a workshop in Berlin, organized by a new far-right party.

The Party Fraichait DC (Freedom) was founded last month by Eene Stantkevits, Emman opponent of Islam and a former member of the Christian Democrats (CDU) of Prime Minister Angela Merkel.

The Wilders making the visit to Berlin after the greatest political success in being invited to participate in the new government co-clockwise in the Netherlands, which also depends entirely on the attitude of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in order to survive.

In today’s day the German police have erect barricades around the Hotel Berlin, where she will hold the event with far-left groups have mean-invitational with the slogan “Send the Gert Wilders home”-to counter demonstration.

The event is still a cause for concern is followed major political parties in Germany on the rise recently, anti-immigrant, antiislamistikou movement in the country.

Yes in September, a prominent member of the Central Bank of Germany issued Topic Saratsin book in which he accused Muslims for the forfeiture of the country, a view that positively addressed ears found in much of the population.

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