ALEXIS TSIPRAS: severe criticism the government and the group of four

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(Title)  With grim Alexis Tsipras, opening the work of CCI SYN, accused the government of “looting wages and incomes of workers and has brought criticism of the four members of apochorisantes Renewing Wing.
Referring to dimosioinomiki Government policy Alexis Tsipras spoke of “hatch a plan with the IMF and is not intended to revive the country but the brutal and shameless manner, he said, pillage and wage income.
denounced the policy followed sectors like insurance, labor and iditikopoiiseis, considering that these are the fronts that society will pay the most critical events that has ever.
On the issue of Mr. Siemens Tsipras arguing against the two parties power talking about lip accusations, a derby which diagkonizontai for “Who holds the primacy in lamogia and interdependence”.
party matters in the field, aanaferomenos the independence of the four members of the Renewing Wing, raised again the ethical issue speaking of altering the will of the Greek people. But he added that the PLUS will not be spent in war of attrition with them because, he said, the opponent is facing and it is different from the policy leads to poverty and insecurity
At today’s meeting of the CCI PLUS elected the new secretary, a position for which candidate Dimitris Vitsas and members of the new political literature.

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12-6 -2010

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