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(Title) With the message “the path will be judged by his life, and the attitude of everyone,” Alexis Tsipras carve the line with the group of four Members left the PLUS. In an interview with the newspaper “Sunday Times” Mr. Tsipras chraktirizei a foregone (before Congress) divorce four and signaled that it will cooperate with PASOK in Athens and Thessaloniki in the upcoming elections for local government.
The Alexis Tsipras, recognizing problems in the functioning of SYRIZA, believes the decision to excuse the Renewing wing to leave the PLUS. “Another thing that our alliance is facing problems and must be correct and another party is our 20 years our joint spiti.Den leaves home because they are adjacent fasaria.Ektos if you have somewhere better to go” says Mr. Tsipras.

The President of the PLUS features “jump in legal y ¨ ‘movements and assesses four appearances as a lesion on the standing of the party put forward, and, as stated – “would be required before the elections just eight months ago, do not get the lists of SYRIZA”.
restoring the moral dimensions of the issue, Alexis Tsipras not exclude the possibility to achieve this in terms of Fotis Kouvelis, to broaden cooperation with PASOK in Athens and Thessaloniki, aftodioikitikes elections.
Referring to the criticism brought to abandon the principles of the left Europeanism Mr. Tsipras emefanizetai categorical: “We are the European Left and not the Europeanism of the bankrupt social democracy “.
Finally again defends the social movements, the difficult economic situation in the country, and stressed that” if the reaction of the world is massive, will make those dreams a back EU poverty and unemployment “

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