Alexia Beziki – Danai Delogeorgis: The first marriage of same-sex women was held

Actress Alexia Beziki and her partner Danai Delegeorgis are the first women to marry a politician. The first marriage of same-sex women, that of Alexia Beziki and Danae Delegeorgis was held at Athens City Hall by the Mayor, Harry Duke. The two women, after the passage of the bill, sealed their relationship at a romantic and touching ceremony, Thursday afternoon (70.03.2024). In fact, the couple have a child. “It was very touching the moments and those who had the joy to be in both events experienced very intense feelings. It was my pleasure and honor to share these very personal moments with the two couples, the happiest moments of their lives,” Harry Duke said on the camera of the show “Super Katerina”. “Of course we have an obligation for every citizen of Athens to ensure that he can live and love whoever he chooses,” he concluded.