Alexei Navalni: Yulia Navalnaya calls a vote against Vladimir Putin in the 17 March election

“We are real, alive people and we are against Putin,” Yulia Navalnaya points out in a message via YouTube. The widow of dissident Alexei Navalni, Yulia Navalnaya, asked the Russians to take part in a protest at noon on March 17, the day of the presidential election, and vote against President Vladimir Putin or cancel their ballots. On a video posted on YouTube by Navalnaya says that her hopes were revived by the great crowds that flocked last week to her husband’s funeral, who died on February 16 in a prison colony of the Arctic Circle, and by the crowd that has since flooded his grave with flowers. Navalnaya called on citizens to participate in the March 17 protest, mobilisation which Navalni, the most famous Russian opposition personality, had requested shortly before he died. His idea was citizens to record their protest without being in danger of being arrested by mass rallies, at the same time, on election day in cities throughout the country. “We must use election day to show that we exist and that we are many. We are real, alive people and we are against Putin. You must go to the polling stations on the same day and at the same time – March 17th at noon,” says Navalnaya. “What are we going to do next? The choice is yours. You can vote for any candidate you want except Putin. You can destroy the ballot, you can write “Navalni” in large letters. And even if you don’t see the reason to vote, you can just go stand at the polling station and then go home,” he continues. After her husband’s death, Navalnaya promised to continue his work and made many political appearances in the West, including a meeting with US president Joe Biden. He also spoke to the Munich Safety Conference and the European Parliament. The Kremlin has categorically denied Navalnaya’s accusations that Putin killed her husband and has refused to comment on his handlings against Navalny’s death and funeral. His death record says he died of natural causes at the age of 47. source: RES – ICM

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