Alexander Bourdumis: I don’t have a single life, I’m a dad.

“It is impossible to work with Peter Filipidis again,” says . For his life and son Alexander Bourdoumis replied, in statements. The well-known actor also pointed out that there is no way that he would ever cooperate with Peter Philipidis again. “I have no bachelor life, I am a dad, I have nothing in my life that defines me differently. So, mostly I’m with the kid and my job. I don’t try to flirt and get to know each other, that comes out in life. So that’s not my goal. My son has been dressed as a masquerade since September, he likes superheroes,” Alexander Bourdumis originally said. On whether he would work with Peter Filipidis again, Alexander Bourdoumis said: “No, it’s impossible.”

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