Alert for suspicious object in bank, Piraeus and Hamosterna

The alarm signaled after 11.00 on Thursday morning (7/3/24) in the area of Taurus, in the bank located Piraeus and Hamosterna, for a suspect object. The streets near the bull site, where the suspect object was found were closed to take the necessary actions by the police. In particular, traffic arrangements are made: 1) L. Peter Rallis and L. Piraeus, vehicles are being shipped to L. Peter Rallis. 2) L. Piraeus and Lamia, the vehicles are channelled to Lamia street 3) L. Constantinopolis at the height of the stadium “Haris Pavlidis” do not move vehicles to Piraeus Avenue 4) L. Piraeus and Macedonia to Athens 5) L. Chamosternas to L. Piraeus at the height of Orestos Street, the vehicles are channelled to the basement of Hamosterna

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