Aleka Papariga was drafted after Kutsumba’s “sugarddies”: It’s reality, you’re hypocrites.

Her statement defends the statement made by the House, that by establishing non-state universities will lead many students to seek “sugar daddies”. A statement that caused outcry and many called KKE’s cg to apologize. The earlier today (08.03.2024) and deposited in the minutes photos of sites for… “sugar daddies” from Sweden and Denmark. The CKE’s position is that the secretary general wanted to demonstrate the exploitation of students and students. That is what his predecessor, Aleka Papariga, said in her statement. “The KKE, regardless of who is Secretary-General, has over time denounced networks which either illegally or “legally” under name and VAT, seek to exploit and profane young women and men,” Aleka Papariga initially says. And he adds that the connection to the establishment of non-state AEIs is not accidental. And they blamed those who reacted to Dimitris Koutsumba’s sexist report as hypocrites trying to hide the truth under the carpet. “The discussion on the private AI bill was linked to this fact is not at all random, as for years in various countries of the world whole companies with corresponding platforms have been trying to exploit students and students who are trying to repay loans for their studies. This is reality and those who try to hide it under the carpet are the least hypocrites! “