Albanian “open” houses with his son

His own son was as an assistant for a break-a 48-year-old Albanian, and together with a still unknown accomplice, beat houses in the wider area of Halkida. But, made the mistake of leaving his car outside a house he broke into and he was arrested when he went to pick it up!
The officers of the Security accepted the complaint of a 35χρονης woman that strangers had broken into her home and had stolen various jewelry, jewelry, a tablet and four cell phones. When they went for field research, they saw the 48χρονο the moment he went to pick up the I.X. his car that was parked outside, and arrested him, as it already had collected evidence leading to the identification of the!
At the inquiry it was revealed that he had broken into the house along with the 23-year-old son and an accomplice whose identity details are being investigated. In fact, the morning of the Third they had invaded the home of a 60-year-old and had been looted by various jewels of unknown value.After the investigations, the 23-year-old was spotted in the area of Chalkida, was arrested and on him were found two of the stolen mobile.
The young alien who was illegally in the country and the 48-year-old father, whose car was impounded as an instrument for the perpetration of burglaries, led to the public prosecutor at first instance of Chalkida and accused of grand larceny. The investigation continues to determine if they are involved in other cases and to identify the accomplice.