AGRIOS XYLODARMOS Pakistani immigrants in Agios Panteleimon

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    (Title) the evening of June 8, in St. Panteleimon Acharnon in Athens, held yet another incident of violent attack against the alien. According to newspaper reports, and denunciation of Sunday School Immigrants, the Pakistani Nantim Ouachint and unconcerned talking on his mobile phone having just emerged from similar Internet-Caf? Property fellow, fell victim to relentless beating by three strangers who gronthokopousan the hours on the head. The beating stopped after the intervention of other immigrants who came from nearby shops. Blooded, to hospital Red Cross, where he rendered first aid and found a broken nose and minor injuries to several other parts of the head (chin, ears).

    Meanwhile, members of the Movement “Deport Racism” and the Afghan Community by Afghans warned residents of the area and rushed to the help section, reported a police patrol arrived shortly after the incident and also complained that when the victim of an attack carried in an ambulance, a group of about 10 patrons of the adjacent cafeteria – which by the complainant is known hangout of right-wing elements (some already known from previous incidents) – tried to intimidate supporters and injured, vrizontas and threatening phrases such as “Get your shit stains and leave ‘ “Do not be gone before you’ll crush you ‘,’ Koumounia die” and others. Continuing their complaint reported that “police officers direct action at the present time was not arrested the attackers members and friends of the Golden Dawn. Not even the recorded data, information and asking members of the Movement and immigrant solidarity ».

    On 9 / 6 filed a complaint against persons unknown by the victim and witnesses at the local AT St. Panteleimon and asylum the victim.

    On this basis
    Does the k.Ypourgos

    1) What action will be taken directly to clarify and fully as soon as possible conditions under which the alleged incidents took place;
    2) will investigate these allegations citizens (Greeks and foreigners) who symparistanto the victim of an attack on police negligence and selective treatment against them, when members of the Golden Dawn and other attendants to exyvrizan vulgar and threatening;
    3) What urgent steps will be taken to prevent violent and racist attacks against immigrants and refugees from wherever they come from everywhere, but especially in the Ag.Panteleimona?

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