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(Title) Iran has promised to deliver every day 21 million m3 of natural gas to Pakistan in 2014 under the 25-year agreement signed Sunday in Tehran between the two countries .
The commercial contract was signed after the agreement reached on May 28 for the construction of gas pipeline linking Iran with Pakistan, a project of 7.5 billion U.S. dollars, a product of 17 years of consultations between the two countries.
The contract signed by the governors of the National Gas Exports to Iran (NIGEC) and the Pakistani Inter-State Gas Ltd and provides a daily supply of 21 million m3 of natural gas to Pakistan for 25 years.
The Iranian Deputy Oil Javad Oujda said during the signing of the contract, that Iran will immediately start building a 300 km pipeline linking the Iranian city Iransachr, in the southeast to the Pakistani border by the Iranian city Sachmpachar, Sea of Oman.

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