Agistri: Five impressive beaches for one day excursion

Its beaches and beaches are one of those places where the beauty of the natural landscape excels everything! The close distance that you need to travel from Piraeus, if you are in Attica, helps you to jump out in a heartbeat in Agistri for one day trips or relaxation weekends. Beautiful place, with blue waters and pine-covered areas. To reach Agistri all you have to do is take a short ferry trip from the port of Piraeus. Proposals for 5 beautiful beaches in Agistri Dragonera : The great Dragonera is a beach that has all the conditions to compose an idyllic landscape: Crystal waters, a green pine forest that frames it and white pebbles on the shore, are not suitable for young children. Ten minutes by car is enough to cover the distance of three kilometers from Megalochori and dive into its beach. The parking lot in the area might trouble you. The island bus can also serve you, keep in mind that it does not approach the beach and the uphill to get there is done on foot. Along it you will find a canteen and deck chairs, but their number is limited so schedule your visit as early as you can. Apenissos : Apenissos is definitely that beach you have to visit, once you tie your boat to the port of Agistrio. It is a private island connected via a bridge to the island. It is 6.5 km from Megalochori and its wildlife will impress you, since during your stay you may encounter peacocks, ducks and turtles. Its waters touch the shades of intense blue, while to approach it you need to go through a lush pine forest. The beach is divided into three places that cover all tastes since on the right side you find shallow waters with sand, on the left deep waters with the first dip, while the third and last northern sides have gravel at the beginning and then deepens. The entrance to the coast is five euros and the price includes your umbrella and sunbed, of course you can set your own umbrella on the free part of the beach. Halikiada: Halikiada Beach looks like literally a lost paradise. It’s a bay you need to cross a difficult path that you need. It’s not appropriate if you have a family with children. Its waters are crystal clear and shallow, but steeply deepened, on its shore you will find pebbles while its rocky landscape will fascinate you. It is preferred to nudists and campers. To get there you follow a route of about ten minutes from the port of Skala to the forest, from there another six minutes into the forest, followed by the difficult downhill of three minutes. Don’t forget to take with you the necessary supplies since there is neither organization nor natural shadow. Ladder: The beach of Skala is the definition of family beach since it is shallow, clean and sandy. It is 100 meters from the port which makes it particularly popular. In most places it has an organization with sunbeds and umbrellas, and if you prefer a beach with more calm move to the other side of the beach to admire a special natural landscape. Marisa: Mariza actually doesn’t look like a typical beach, but more in a diving dock. The waters you dive are deep so don’t prefer it with children of younger age. To get there he continued east from the settlement of Limenaria following the signs. Take with you what is necessary for food and shade, since you won’t find anything around.