Agia Varvara: My children have a permanent “why” on the lips – The outbreak of the victim’s wife

“My husband’s murderers were two and they are the ones who wanted to be called my parents,” she will say and shock in her exclusive interview on Live News the wife of the 39-year-old from . He is the unfortunate man executed by his 69-year-old. “Today is another difficult day of the many to follow. My husband was murdered by the hands of two perpetrators who wanted to be called “my parents”, said the daughter of the perpetrator and the wife of the 39-year-old who was murdered by his father-in-law in St. Varvara. The woman will say that her parents, after the gross crime, attempted to “murder him” once again. “They then attempted to murder him again by tarnishing his memory! But I won’t allow that! Neither of us will allow it,” said the wife of the 39-year-old. There are no words to ease the pain of this woman who is called upon to manage both the loss of her husband and the raising of three children seeking their father. “My children have permanently on their lips a why! But I have no answer that will calm them down! There’s no way their souls can rejoice. They hear other children shout “Dad” and complain and cry, saying they will never say that word again.” Mother-in-law asked for cosmetics in prison Everything happened on the last Saturday of February. The father-in-law had set up his 57-year-old son-in-law whom he executed with a shotgun while entering his home. “In front of him I put two shotguns in the shotgun, shot him twice after I reloaded her and shot another. At that moment I became clouded and remembered all that had happened,” the perpetrator said. It is shocking that the victim’s equally incarcerated mother-in-law not only passed over the body of his 57-year-old son-in-law, but as her daughter reveals, the elderly woman asked her children to take cosmetics to prison where she is held until the trial. “They destroyed three families and she called my brother because she wanted her cosmetics. My ears will always echo the words of my “mother” who shouted “shoot him, shoot him” and the shots,” said the victim’s wife. Her mother still denies saying that line and that she urged her husband to execute the groom. She pleads not guilty with any of her children, however, not supporting her. “I never said “shoot him”… Those are lies! I was in the kitchen fixing the groceries when I got back from the supermarket. And suddenly I heard one or two bangs,” said the victim’s mother-in-law. Watch Live News’ story with Nikos Evangelatos: Thursday (07.03.2024) testified the wife, 20-year-old daughter and daughter-in-law of the victim, asking for justice to be given to their man who left life so unjustly.

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