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(Title) Increase, by more than 35% observed in the first half of 2010 workers’ complaints to the Labour Inspectorate of Chania, with most concern to non-payment of accrued and redundancies.
At the same time, is cleared of personnel audit services because the county thousands of companies trying to control only three officers, and eight inspectors of the Special Security Service Test (EFPEA) IKA Heraklion, are in the “supervision” of all businesses in Crete, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades!

“The complaints of workers have increased in the first half of 2010, compared with the corresponding period in 2009, at least 35 %, “he said, speaking on” CH.N. “the head of the Labour Inspectorate Chania George Theodorakis, adding:” Most of them concern non-payment of accrued and redundancies “.
Mr. Theodorakis noted that an increase in the number of complaints began there in October – November 2008, while the situation deteriorated in 2009 and 2010. “In 2009 compared to 2008 have a growth of about 33% of complaints, however, the problem became more pronounced in 2010” said the head of the Labour Inspectorate and stated that the complaints shows that most affected the construction and builders, construction companies and the industry or the hotel business.
“But we have problems in small businesses such as the shops that you see that close, because many of them can survive, “said Theodorakis and added:” Employees at work are afraid to speak. Only if they leave their jobs make complaints, which certainly often become anonymous “.
line, and with checks by the Office, that major problems identified in the compliance and the time off, and the uninsured work.
problems which are exacerbated especially episististikes businesses (restaurants cafes etc.), small hotels and small shops.
The problem of the uninsured work persists at high rates in Chania, according to Mr. Theodorakis, since, especially first months of the tourist season (April, May, June) the percentage of uninsured in tourism businesses and businesses located in remote areas, in-touch controls, the 30%.

And while tried hard labor rights, amid the economic crisis, the Special Security Service Control (EFPEA) IKA, based in Heraklion and its mission is to combat the phenomenon of uninsured working there, according to the head of department Nick Rokadaki-only 8 employees who need to control all operations of Crete, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.
Equally dramatic is the lack of staff to the Labour Inspectorate in Chania.
It is interesting that yesterday, visiting the offices of the Agency’s needs reports, we found the head to be rushed back from his leave in order to operate an elementary office.
This is because one of the three officials of the Office on checks was in Rethymnon, as required a decision taken centrally and wants the inspectors to make inspections, other than their site-in other provinces.
Indeed, as we said Theodorakis, auditors from Chania travel by bus because it no longer available official car!
“There is a problem of understaffing. Now we are three people and one is missing today in Rethymno, tests … we have no car, we got it and go to the bus. I’ve now leave and turned to leave My colleague because she was alone and could not serve the public, “he said about Mr. Theodorakis.
” The Labour Inspectorate is in dire need of manpower, since the mission can not be met otherwise. In Chania businesses employ approximately 17,000 staff, but must visit the others do not know whether or not staff. These are some 25,000 businesses and the workforce is over 32,000 people, “he said and stressed that, Based on existing staff shortages, a company controlled once every 37 years!
It is, however, noted that despite this, the Office of Chania brings through administrative fines imposed, the Greek government revenues 300 to 350 000 euros annually, while the controls carried out is by analogy, most in comparison with its counterparts in other Departments …

By DIMITRI Maridaki

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