AEL fans for the Greek Cup: “Final in Larissa above our corpse”

The final seat in the final has not yet been announced and the rumors about AEL FC Arena of Larissa, brought the reaction of her organized followers. With their announcement, AEL fans expressed their deep dissatisfaction with a possible Greek Cup final in Larissa, pointing out the risks to their city. The announcement of AEL fans “As for another year the story about the final in our city is repeated, we state categorically and in all directions: If you think we’re going to allow our city to become a center of passing, you’re way out of line. What can happen is very well known to the competent bodies, politicians, sports players and police. Obviously, for anything that happens, you have the ultimate responsibility. The only celebration in our city in those days will be to complete the 60 years since the founding of our IDEA and no final cup or “football festival” (here we laugh). The same applies to the men’s final 4 Cup. Final in Larissa over our dead body. MONSTERS 1982 DOOR 1 ATHENS CLUB’