AEK – Panathinaikos 1-1: Two goals in women’s derby delays and Union penalty complaints, with John Cena and Smack Down

The emerged tied 1-1 with him for 18 the Women’s Football League race, with the Union talking about unacceptable and hostile arbitration. The phase he asked for a penalty and says is out of a Smack Down race. The AEK derby with Panathinaikos for Women’s Football League ended tied 1-1 with the two teams scoring after the delays. Before the race began, a minute of silence was held in memory of Ruxi Dumitresku. The guests opened the score in the first minute of the delays with a long shot of Spiridonidou (having three beams), but the Union managed to get the tie in the finale, with Hatzinikolaou. The AEK side has them with the arbitration of the race, with Amateur speaking about “unspeakful slaughter”. As is stated, referee Nikos Papakonstantinou “with the “so I want” kept in the game the goalkeeper of “prassines”, which in a clear phase in the 7th minute of the race, should be expelled and a penalty should be charged in favour of AEK.” In fact, on the video he posted on social media, Amateur AEK mentions a phase taken out of the WWE SmackDown race, using a shot by John Cena. At the same time, AEK also wants a double offensive foul in Panathinaikos’ goal phase.