Aegina: 11 years lived the nightmare in the hands of her mother’s companion – Who knew and who fell from the clouds

‘ He was about 15 years together, I don’t understand what has happened,” says the 36-year-old’s father who was arrested as he is accused of raping and molesting his daughter since the age of 14 in . An unprecedented nightmare experienced for eleven consecutive years a 25-year-old girl today, who, according to her complaint to the Police, had become a herme of her mother’s sick appetites in Aegina. Her martyrdom, as she claims, began at the age of 14, where her 25-year-old stepfather then began to blind her, acts that were often repeated until her adulthood. From 18 onwards, as the girl reported to the police, she was raped in a follow-up, while as she pointed out all the above she was aware of her mother. At the same time, she informed the police that the perpetrator was filming the rapes and threatening her that if she refused to suffer his sick appetites, she would have leaked it by publishing the detestable video material. The 36-year-old along with the 25-year-old’s mother “I don’t know anything, I’m sick for 7 months and they haven’t told me exactly what happened. Now my child is in Athens,” the father of the alleged rapist says in and adds “he was with the girl 10-15 years together. It was fine. I don’t know what happened. They had not broken up.” According to the 25-year-old, the last time she fell victim to sexual abuse was at midnight last Tuesday (5.03,2024). A few hours later and specifically at 10 a.m. on Wednesday (6.03.2024), no longer enduring the suffering she was living, the young woman went to the police authorities of Aegina and denounced her stepfather. Police officers handcuffed the girl’s 36-year-old and 50-year-old mother, while in an investigation conducted at the defendants’ home, quantities of cannabis were spotted and confiscated in jars and bags, 4 knives, precision scales, one airgun and 15,000 euros. In fact, as described in features ‘in addition, a suffering underwear was seized and the sum of EUR 3,275 found in its possession’.