Adopted by the Commission Competition the acquisition of Kotsovolos by PPC

The acquisition of Kotsovolos by Kotsovolos was approved. Specifically, a communication from the committee states: The Competition Committee at its plenary session, which took place on 5 March 2024, unanimously decided (Decision 843/2024) the approval of the notified concentration, which concerns the acquisition of sole control by the company ‘CREATION OF ELECTRIS S.A.’ (DEI) over the company ‘DIXONS SOUTH – EAST EUROPE ANNOUNCEMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL COMPANY ELECTRIC, INFORMATION, TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INSURANCE INTERVENTION’ within the meaning of Article 5(2) of Law 3959/2011. PPC is active in the production, supply and marketing of electricity, mining, production, supply and sale of energy raw materials, in the provision of electricity services and products. Dixons South – East Europe is active, through the chain of stores “KOTSOVOLOS”, in the trade in electrical and electronic goods. The Competition Committee considered that there are no affected markets and therefore no horizontal or vertical anti-competitive effects. In addition, the RP considered that anti-competitive cluster effects are not created by applying, by the new entity, practical group/related sales to the heterogeneous activities of the supply of electricity at low-voltage retail level and the retail of electrical/electronic goods. Therefore, although this concentration falls within the scope of the 1 of Article 6 of Law 3959/2011 does not raise serious doubts as to its compatibility with the requirements of competition in the relevant markets in which it relates.