Adonis Georgiadis: Over 150 hospitals said they are organizing afternoon surgeries

Within the week afternoon surgeries are expected to begin on and on the subject the Health Minister was quoted. “Over 150 hospitals said they are organizing afternoon surgeries. Therefore, they have the necessary staff to perform afternoon surgeries,” Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis told SKAI. “The Papageorgiou Hospital is the hospital that has the longest waiting in regular surgery. The first four operating rooms to be held on Tuesday are people who rushed to take advantage of the possibility of afternoon surgeries because they expect to be operated on from 2020”, noted Mr Georgiadis, stressing that they are “the first afternoon surgeries to take place after 40 years because for the first time we discussed them and legislated them in 1992. He then said that “Thessaloniki is the city that has the biggest shortages of anesthesiologists in the country”, while he argued that “it is amazing to participate in the University Hospital of Larissa, where 100% of the staff said they would participate in afternoon surgeries.” On the occasion of the passage of the bill on non-state AEIs, Health Minister said “proud to have co-signed this law” and applauded the Prime Minister “who made this decision” but also Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis, “who handled the debate with real mastery in the House.” “The opposition disappeared. It struck me that the parties of the extreme right “Niki” and Velopoulos, led the “no”. Whether Syriza or the New Left spoke, it was the same as Velopoulos. Leftists and play it right, accusing Kyriakos Velopoulos of “political hypocrisy” and “normal communist”. Regarding the statements of former Minister of Justice of SYRIZA Stavros Kontonis on Novartis, Georgiadis stressed that “Mr. Kontonis proceeds to some complaints that cannot stay without commentary from the political system. He was the protagonist then, the acting Justice Minister when they set up the Novartis plot”. “It is absolutely certain that since last Saturday that Tsipras admitted publicly, the mouths have begun to open. The official SYRIZA can no longer remain silent when his leading executives at that time come out and publicly admit that the Novartis case was set up for political reasons. And not just Novartis, and the CDC”.