Adonis Georgiades: 1,375 staff recruitment and changes to the “personal doctor”

Press conference on changes to his institution was given by the Minister of Health and Deputy Minister, Irini Pavlidakis. As Adonis Georgiades and Irini Pavlidakis said, the role of the Personal Doctor will now be able to “play” and private non-contracted doctors. At the same time, in order to provide additional incentives for Pathology and General Medicine to emerge in attractive specialties for young doctors, financial support for residents with an additional 30,000 euros in excess of their pay was announced. By taking the floor, Deputy Minister of Health, Irini Pavlidakis, announced that the citizen would have the choice of private doctor staff, but he should bear the costs himself. “We will ensure that citizens have the free choice of personal doctors. If someone wants to choose the private doctor, they’ll have to pay him themselves. We don’t force civilians to go to the private sector. We give the choice for all citizens to have a free doctor. If someone wants to choose their own doctor they should pay him.” Creation of 7 University Health Centers Deputy Health Minister added they are expected to function 7 University Health Centers, in which ICP members will participate (University doctors) specializing in Primary Health Care. He also added that 1,375 intakes in Primary Health Care are expected. Of these: * 360 will be doctors, * 600 nurses, * 385 other staff * 30 IEP members Also, the resident doctors will be given annual financial assistance of 30,000 euros in order to choose the specialty of General Medicine or Pathology, as they are the two specialties in which our country should invest. source: – Reportage: Janna Soulaki

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