ADE: Two digital services available in Chambers and Region of Attica

Two digital services of the Independent Public Revenue Authority ( ) will connect the Central Union of Chambers and the , through the interoperability centre of the Ministry of Digital Governance, in the context of the incorporation of relevant European directives and taking into account provisions of the Tax Procedure Code and the Administrative Procedure Code. These are the digital services of AADE “Receiving Revenue for Public and Third Parties” and “Reduction of Certification”. The connection shall be carried out using the following methods: Online Service “RetrieveKedeAmount (CPD) Information Body regarding Certification – RetrievVerificationProgress (CPD) Information Body regarding RetriveVerificationProgress (CPD) Information Body regarding Recovery – RetrievePayprogress (CPD) Mission of Signature Names by Body – retrieveNames (CPD) Information Body regarding the Triple Certificate Number (day closure) – retrieveCloseDay (CPD). Online Service “Confirmation Reduction Services” Delivery of DeleteKedeAmount (CPD) DeleteKedeProgress (CPD) Information Body regarding DeleteKedeProgress (CPD) Update Body regarding DeleteKedeComplete (CPD). With regard to the General Commercial Register Information System of the Central Union of Chambers: The purpose of the online services is to certify GEMI debts, from GEMI debtors who have not paid the annual portion maintenance fees in the GEMI at the due time and to reduce the attestation in the case of incorrect attestation, in accordance with Article 3 of No. 79752/30-12-2014 (B’ 2623) joint ministerial decision and the No. 1134/25-8-2023 (B’ 5306) joint ministerial decision. With regard to the Information System ‘Confirmation and Reduction of Revenues of the Region of Attica’: The use of online services concerns Administrative Penalties ( Fines) and Other Revenues of the Region of Attica, in accordance with the decision of the Governor of AADE A.1209 (A’ 90) (B’ 4053/2021). The disposal is carried out through the Centre for Interoperability of the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems and Digital Governance (G.G.P. S.P.D.) and in accordance with the current Information Systems Security Framework of G.G.P.S.P.S. D. of the Ministry of Digital Governance, the Policy of Proper Use of Internet Services and the provisions on the protection of personal data.

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