Adam Sandler is Hollywood’s most expensive actor

His four film projects in 2023 launched his bank account to such an extent that it was found in its first place with its highly paid actors in Hollywood. Adam Sadler according to Netflix’s Forbes list, last year he was indeed busy as he raised $73 million from the lead role and production in Netflix’s “Murder Mystery 2” film and from the writing, production and voice he lent Leo, the popular animation film. Sadler also participated in the slightly featured action comedy The Out-Laws, while he was a producer and protagonist—along with his wife and daughters—in the renowned comedy You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah. The actor was last found at the top of the list in 2002, when he made $47 million starring in films such as Mr Deeds and Punch-Drunk Love. In second place Margot Robbie was found, who at 33 is also the youngest actress on the list. The huge worldwide success of the Barbie film, in which she was a co-producer, is largely responsible for the $59 million estimated to be won by Robbie in 2023. Tom Cruz was in third place on the list, with $45 million. Robbie’s co-star at Barbie, Ryan Gosling, was jointly in 4th place, along with Matt Damon of Oppenheimer- both men won $43 million. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, co-star – and director – of Damon in Air, Nike’s sports film released early last year, was ninth, with $38 million. Sandler’s co-star at Murder Mystery, Jennifer Aniston, came to the sixth place of the list with $42 million. One of the only two women in Top 10, Aniston has starred in only two films in the last five years but her winnings were probably largely complemented by the Friends (Forbes does not include the money won by ads and sponsorship deals).