Actor Good died at the age of 98

She left life at the age of 98 the actress, as announced earlier today (08.03.2024) by Spiros Bibilas. The actress Good who lived in a nursing home for the past few years, lived a turbulent life as Spyros Bibilas wrote in his social media posting. The MP and president of the SAI, said goodbye to his good friend and thanked the staff of the nursing home “for all the social work they do.” In detail the post by Spiros Bibila: “She left just now, from us, today when the woman’s day is, the wonderful Good the protagonist of the ‘40’ 50 ’60 inspection with such a turbulent life marked by shocking events as she mentions in her autobiography “what the wind took””” wrote initially the MP and president of the SAH. “With social struggles, with intense trade union action in the association of actors and in Tasey… During the last ten months with the energies of TASSEI and myself who honored me with her friendship she was transferred to the nursing home of Athenians where all the staff treated her from the first moment with a lot of love and care and for that we thank them warmly through our hearts for all the social work they perform with so much responsibility. Have a good trip, sweetheart…” he wrote about it. The acclaimed theatre actress who became known under the pseudonym Kalo – her real name was Kalliopi Dambergi – was born in Athens on 20 December 1926 and was of origin from Rethymno. The first years on the playboard The first presence of Good in a play was at the age of just three, in Dario Nikontemi’s Daskalitsa, following a decision of Marika Kotopouli, in the theatre whose mother played. But her first real role was at the age of 5, especially written about her by Spiros Mela in his work Papa is trained, where he was very successful playing next to Vassilis Logothetidis and the couple Mousouris at Alice Theatre. So much success was that Attik sent the manager of his Mantra, Ch. Dimitriopoulos, to ask her mother for cooperation. And when she gave her consent, he wrote Bebash songs and parades, taught her acting, gave her the nickname “Good Good” and displayed her in his performances. The three weddings The actress held three weddings: The first minor, in 1945, with the student of the Ikaron School George Mamalaki, who was killed a year later, before their daughter Giouli was born. In 1957 he married Dimitris Valmas, whom he had met on tour in Syros, and with whom they lived in Thessaloniki. the Military Theatre bears its name). From 1959 to 1979 she was married to Captain Costas Karanikola, with whom she had a son, Christos. The tragic loss of her son At the age of 13 Christos was seriously injured by an explosion in a chemistry experiment and, although his mother spent all her property to heal, died in 1988, at the age of 27. For years after her son was lost, the actress had withdrawn to Astypalea. A few years ago she became known to have kept her son’s bones in a trunk at her house in Upper Hive.

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