Action against ADEDY’s decision to declare a strike – abstinence of duration from the assessment was lodged by Kerameos

On Wednesday, 6 March, the Minister of Interior filed an action against the one-member Athens Court of First Instance, asking that the strike be deemed illegal and abusive and the absence of a period declared by the trade union body in the evaluation and targeting procedures in the public domain, effectively denying the application of the passed law by the Hellenic Parliament (4940/2022). It is worth noting that since March 2023 after the Athens Single-member Court of First Instance has repeatedly found the decision taken by ADEDY to declare a strike – abstinence from the evaluation procedures illegal or abusive. It is noted that the evaluation-targeting system is a crucial tool aimed at continuously improving the skills of civil servants and upgrading the services provided to the Citizen. The right to strike is absolutely respected, but any action must be legal and must not aim at the annulment of laws passed by the Hellenic Parliament.

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