Accredited Journalists on the Environment: Wetland unsuitable for decent hosting refugees

The wetland Perea unfit for decent hosting refugees…
Five environmental organisations express their opposition regarding the area proposed by the Municipality of Thermi for the hosting of refugees, for both humanitarian and environmental reasons.
The organisations ‘Action for wild life”, “Greek society for the Protection of Nature”, “Hellenic Ornithological society”, “Callisto” and “Mediterranean SOS Network”, they already sent a letter to the competent deputy ministers of National. Defence, Internal affairs, Migration Policy and the Environment, where they point out that the proposed area “Τσαΐρια”, between the airport of Thessaloniki and of the village of Perea, situated within an extensive coastal marsh, does not meet the relevant specifications and does not ensure in any way humane conditions of hosting refugees. The υγροτοπικός character of the area has as a result often floods, unhealthy climatic conditions, large populations of mosquitoes, and complete absence of natural shade. In addition, despite the devaluation and degradation of the wetland Perea remains a valuable natural area that hosts a multitude of species that depend on periodic presence of water there, and has a rare and legitimate elements of the natural environment.
The five organisations also note that both the installation of refugees in inappropriate and problematic for those positions as well as the significant environmental degradation can be easily avoided. Within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Thermi and the neighbouring Municipalities, there are a lot of very suitable areas (among them, abandoned camping sites, campgrounds and camps) that can directly be granted for the hosting of refugees. In addition many of these areas already have the basic infrastructure (water, sewerage, electricity, and even ready-made buildings), only with a very large waste of resources will be able to make the Τσαΐρια!