Accident for Helen Hajidou, Etetocles Paul alone on the set

On Monday morning, March 11, 2024, the Breakfast@Star show, began without its main presenter while the only one informed viewers of his wife’s accident and wished her passing on air.. Eteoclis Paul greeted the viewers alone from Star’s channel and revealed that Helen Hajidou is absent from the show due to an accident he had last night. The presenter struck her hand, not seriously, as he said and is recovering home. “ Good morning and a good week. I’m alone today, my little girl’s gone. We had an accident yesterday, she hit her hand so we can wish her well, today she won’t be with us, but it’s nothing serious, I think it’ll be okay tomorrow. Me giving her an Oscar for her bravery and a sweet kiss. We expect her tomorrow to laugh again at the set,” Etetocles Paul said that he wished his wife well. Helen Hajidou, on the other hand, informed her followers on Sunday night of her accident with instagram story. “I just got back from hospital and the worst? Melita has a fever again,” wrote the presenter.