A. The. Sweet Waters “embraces” the UNICEF

The Municipality of Paiania is preparing to host the football humanitarian game on Sunday, October 9, at 4 and a half…
afternoon on the field of Sweet Water, between the veterans of the first.The. Sweet Waters and the Shortlist UNICEF. The game organizes the A.The. Sweet Water and member of the General Assembly of UNICEF Argiris Kostakis. All proceeds from the piggy banks of love will be donated in favour of the sacred objectives of UNICEF.
Before the start of the game will be honored with plaques from the mayor of Paiania Spyros Stamou to the President of the UNICEF Wisdom Τζιτζίκου (the board will receive the Vice-president Grigoris Φελώνης, as the President will be located abroad for action by the organisation) and the President of A.The. Sweet Waters George Δρούγκα the Vice-president of the Association of Authors Christos Kyritsis, a supporter of UNICEF.
The race will beautify the presence of their dozens of kids from the Academies.The. Sweet Waters (Teenage, Children’s, Παμπαιδικό, Junior, Projunior, Stars) with their parents and coaches, as well as the person in charge of the Academies, veteran international George left field…. The game will be referee free the gentlemen Stavros Σούλος, Dimitris Attitude and Spyros Karagiorgos of the association ΕΠΣΑΝΑ.
The missions of the groups
Chosen UNICEF:
Luke Λουκίδης, Kostas Δικαιούλιας, Kostas Χορέβας, Mars Καραίσκος, Argiris Kostakis, Spyros Livathinos, Dimitris Δελτσίδης, Dimitris Κοτούζας, Babis Τζιάρος, Kostas Κατσιάδας, Christos Mylonas, Yannis Ντάσκας, Tolis Πικουλίδης, Kostas Tsakonas, Alekos Λατσούνας, Nikos Γκαραβέλας, Kostas Demo Playback, Tasos Μπασιούκας, John Κοτούζας, Takis Παντέλης, George Αρμάο, Dimitris Καστρίτσης.
Veterans Fresh Water:
Βερβέρης Christopher, Γκούλης Christos, Δημητρόγλου Leonidas, Kolovos Christos, Κουνελλάκης Stelios, Loukis Theodore, Καραμανίδης George, Γκότσιας Costas, Logothetis Vangelis, Μεσηνέζης Anastasios, Panopoulos Nikos, Σαμορέλης Achilles, Σιώμος Manolis, Stamos John, Τζατζάς Christos, Φαναράς Sakis, Ξύκης Costas, Anastasopoulos Panagiotis, Δριλάκης Evangelos, Μεσηνέζης Dimitrios, Παγκαλιάς John, Καδιανάκης Ioannis, Efstathiou, Ioannis. You will also participate in the Alexander-Rod.

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