A possible increase of tuition fees in Britain will PREVENT MORE FROM STUDENTS hated to study

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    (Title) A possible increase in tuition fees in British universities at 7,000 pounds per year compared to 3225 pounds so far are to reduce dramatically the number of students who plan to continue their education at higher levels, according to a study published today.
    The survey showed that while more than two thirds (68%) of respondents said they would continue their studies at higher levels of education if tuition increased to 5,000 pounds Only 45% would continue if the fees universities reached at 7,000 pounds.
    The study was conducted by the Agency Sutton Trust, which aims to provide educational opportunities to young people who have no educational opportunities.
    Teachers , academics, lecturers and researchers in Britain have stressed the importance of research, conducted from January to April in 2700 young people aged 11 to 16.

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