A new package is coming – structural measures against accuracy this year

Before even well – well implemented the measures against which they were put into effect for products on the supermarket shelf (with the aim of reducing them) by , he studies the government’s financial staff. According to the government officials with whom it came into contact, the new anti-precision package will concern ‘structural’ and ‘permanent’ market interventions aimed at reducing consumer prices. In fact, the same sources say that the planned package of interventions will run this year. In other words, the next package of actions will not provide for new price-based measures, such as those in force on 1 March 2024, but for intervention on market structure and which will have an effect on prices over a permanent period of time. At the same time, the same sources say that the exceptional package of measures in relation to price increases and promotional actions that have entered into force from 1 March 2024 and have a deadline until 31 December 2024 is likely to be extended in 2025, in addition to its de facto ‘removement’ until 2025.

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