A new beginning for the Wolves’ Love

    A new beginning for the Wolves’ Love
    Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, a veteran at 22, hopes to bring a gold medal-winning attitude to a young and hopeful team.
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    Nikonn’s first video. www.myspace.com/nikonn Behind the personal project NIKONN hides one of the most important personalities in the modern greek music scene, Nikos Bitzenis: one of the founding members of the most successful greek electronica group (MIKRO), creator of many inspired remixes, co-founder of UNDO RECORDS and co-director of several music videoclips. In a few words, a restless personality. POLADROID is Nikonn’s escape from his acceptable and well-established music profile, from the up tempo and groove mood of MIKRO. It is a trip that could only set as limits the sea bed or the clouds in the sky and nothing else. Dreamy addictive melodies combined with airy vocals by Maria Papadopoulou take you on a trip to the best moments of your life full of overwhelming nostalgy and bliss. POLADROID is the soundtrack of a photo album formed by the most unforgettable moments of the best trip you ever had.
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