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A list of suggestions for your summer trip in Greece

National Historical Museum, Athens, Greece
Greece museums
Image by Tilemahos Efthimiadis

A list of suggestions for your summer trip in Greece

A list of suggestions for your summer trip in Greece

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Home Page > Travel > Destinations > A list of suggestions for your summer trip in Greece

A list of suggestions for your summer trip in Greece

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Posted: Jul 30, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Wondering where to go on a trip while you’re having your days off work ? Greece might just be what you’re looking for, since it’s a location that can offer many things. If you’ve wondered what Greece (the Danish call it Grækenland) looks like when you were in school and you studied about it, now’s the time to check if the picture matches. Whether you’re a fan of historical landmarks or sunny seaside and cocktails by the beach, Greece should be able to satisfy your wish to have a nice time in your break.

If you’re wondering what there is to do in Greece, here’s a list of things you could find interesting:

-          Visit Rhodes – Rhodes is an interesting location because of its old town, where you can find the Street of Knights, a leap through time to the atmosphere, look and feel of the medieval ages.

-          Find a hotel and stay at a sea resort – there are many sea resorts in Greece, some of them situated on its islands, but most, if not all of them can offer you a great time and an opportunity to swim and sunbathe

-          Drink ouzo in a tavern – this is the way for most Greeks themselves to have fun, and you could try and check if you like it. Taverns have an atmosphere that will probably put glee in your heart. It features dancing to traditional Greek songs played on bouzouki – a string instrument with a very distinct sound.

-          Visit the Acropolis – no trip to Greece is complete without seeing the Acropolis – a building with a classical Greek architecture preserved for millennia. Just seeing the sight of it will make you tremble in awe of the ancient Greek’s accomplishments.

-          Visit the museums of Athens -  being the capital city, Athens brings you the opportunity to gather more and interesting knowledge on Greek culture and be amazed of the many artifacts the museums have. The national archeological museum offers many items and objects retrieved from archeological sights from around Greece with utmost importance for history, like the Mask of Agamemnon from Mycenae, the statues of Zeus and Persephone and many other gods and goddesses you’re probably familiar with. Another museum you can visit is The Historical Museum of Athens, which presents the modern history of Greece. The building it’s situated in is the former parliament building of Greece from the first years of its independence. It gives you a look at the modern history of Greece

So don’t trouble yourself any longer. Choose Greece as your location , pack your bags and submerge in the spirit of this magnificent country. Read more about the beauty of Greece, take a look here.


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