A great deal of attention: These are the risks on the internet

Inability to translate awareness of the risks in real…
attention, when it comes to issues related to the online activity, they seem to be many users of the internet. This weakness manifests itself
in a time, where, with so many devices and online channels available, it’s easier than ever to publish a personal message by mistake or to share information with the wrong people unintentionally.
A third of Europeans sharing confidential data by mistake, unaware of the potential personal and professional consequences
According to a survey by Kaspersky Lab, even today, many users still share private information mindlessly through the Internet and getting into dangerous situations. In fact, 27% of Europeans share confidential data by mistake, which can have serious personal k business consequences. At the same time, 13% of European users reveals the will of the personal information, despite the fact that the information, which is exchanged online, it may have an impact on the personal and professional life.
The investigation demonstrates that a lot of people are at risk to a large extent on the exchange of data through online communication channels. These data included personal photos (for the 43% of Europeans), contact information (40%), pictures of other persons (34%), sensitive personal information (29%) and information-related work (18%).
Further – and perhaps even more serious – 16% of Europeans has shared a personal secret, while 8% has shared sensitive financial information.
In accordance with what is established by the investigation, all of the above is happening, despite the fact that there is particular concern about the harmful consequences, both financial and emotional, that may arise from disclosure of such information.
For example, about one-third of the European respondents is concerned that this activity could harm the relationship or to embarrass or even insult someone. In addition, one in six Europeans are afraid that could harm his career.
The level of concern is often justified, while 28% admitted to have shared by mistake, confidential information, with one in ten respondents have suffered consequences from this. These effects included the loss of friends, bullying, the economic losses, the end of a relationship, and even the dismissal from the work.
The specialists of Kaspersky Lab have noted that if someone does not have sufficient knowledge of digital security, or has not installed the appropriate solutions to security and privacy, could face problems in relationships and work. “Just something “up” on the Internet is there forever. So, if anyone has doubts about something, better to keep it to themselves”, underlines the study.