A Career As A Government Spokesperson

    Qualifications And Other Requirements The minimum qualification required to be a government spokesperson is to have a bachelor’s degree either in political science, business administration or public administration. The spokesperson could also posses a college or university degree in communication, journalism or English. It is a bonus if the candidate has experience as a spokesperson in print, radio and camera interviews. One may also be required to be fluent in another foreign language and be good at public relations. The person needs to possess good communication skills. Candidates have to go through a background security investigation, residential status investigation and a drug screening. The candidates should have at least ten years of experience in communication, public relations, member services and legislation, which should include five years of experience in management and supervisory. The spokesperson should be able to manage multi-million dollar budgets as well. Appointment The executive director of a particular government has the right to appoint the government spokesperson. In some countries, the regional minister is generally the government spokesperson and is the one who represents the government. In the United States, the spokesperson is usually the Press Secretary. Office Of The Spokesperson A government spokesperson works in the communications department of a government office. Well, to put it the right way, the government spokesperson is the head of the communication department. It is also known as the “Government Spokesperson’s Office” by law. This office is composed of an administrative unit. This administrative unit supports the spokesperson and they have to report to him/her. The employees in the communication department assist the spokesperson with their daily work. Functions The spokesperson has to manage and lead various activities like media relations, public affairs, member services, public involvement, community involvement, sub-regional relations and legislation. The spokesperson has to carry out a number of functions in their daily work, the most important of them being “communication”. A government spokesperson has to communicate to people the work done (i. e. political and institutional) by the government. The task of assisting and supporting the members of the government and the government itself is assigned to the spokesperson. The spokesperson has to brief to the president about the daily happenings in the state and the rest of the country. The government spokesperson has to organize press meetings and talk to the press. The interview may be either given on the local, national or international level. Before giving a press interview the government spokes person has to discuss the report with the director and get their approval to release it. The salary of a government spokesperson could be anywhere between $50,000 to $250,000. This salary is exclusive of bonus and other benefits.

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