9 things you’ll only understand if you’re talking in a group chat

    Only if you belong to group chat will identify with this list…
    1. The debate takes fire ONLY when you have to work and can’t answer.
    For some inexplicable reason, when you’re drowning in work and running around like crazy, or you’re in class and you can’t check the phone in chat it’s a mess! The light of the notification blinks like crazy, because, obviously, everyone now remembered that have something to say and you feel that you’re experiencing a modern kind of chinese torture.
    2. And, of course, when you want to comment you something, nobody answers.
    This is probably one of the most annoying and at the same time uncomfortable things that can happen in a chat. Throw you e.x a comment and there talking all – silence, you hear only the cicadas by the way, a flower that opens its petals, an ant carrying a crumb of cheese pie kourou and nothing else. Somewhere here is that you feel that you’ve said is stupid and that I will never talk to you again. I cannot guarantee that the opposite may also apply, but it is good to check don’t have blocks. Χιχιχι, no, it’s okay I’m exaggerating (or maybe not?)
    3. Miss you for 15 minutes and have 200 unread messages.
    Once I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and I made the mistake to leave the phone in the living room, because I assumed that it’s not going to be anything interesting until I get back. HA! They were out of the new lipstick the Kylie Jenner and as you know the chat was filled with emoji, gif, and many wild statements.
    4. And when you manage to read everything they have written so many other.
    And you say, okay, I’m going to do catch up, to see what I missed – why you may have lost something important, but until you read όοοοο,what has been written, the conversation continues in effect to abandon the effort and watch like a stalker what others are saying. I hope at least to have someone in the chat who will later summarize what you missed.
    5. The awkward moment made a bad comment on something for someone you know.
    Right and never be wrong, and out in the open discussions which have taken place in various group chat will shut down a lot of houses and would ruin a lot of friendships. For this if the chat in which you’re composed of individuals who are not best friends your good is to watch what you say, because you never know who is friend with who. Trust me.
    6. Of course, nothing compares to the moment you write your answer in the wrong chat.
    In the chat that you are talking with your best friends comment on the someone in your class who’s a pain in the ass to work while in the other you have the people from the group of the work. WRONG, big mistake! We never talk in two different group because it is very likely to send something that you don’t have to. Don’t you ever get this good is to do it mute the chat that doesn’t concern you, so that pops up and confuses #beentheredonethat.
    7. When you lie down and the phone doesn’t stop ringing.
    You have say good night to you, you have solved all of the bimbo (ok, at least you have tried) and something happens, is there a naked picture of someone? ληκάρει movie? announced divorce of some celebrity’s? Take your pick. Those that are awake talk normally and if you don’t have to silent your phone will suffer because while you want to sleep, you want to check what they say. For this I say mute chat notifications and will change your life.
    8. The fighting is the worst.
    The passive agressive messages between people in a group chat is the worst. Truth, away from us. Απαπα. Nothing else starts a cycle of para-chatιακών discussions that only good can’t come out.
    9. You’re all talking at the same time
    At this point you want to throw the phone out the window because it really doesn’t make any sense with all that you say.