7.1% of State budget receipts from real estate purchases increased

According to the data provided by AADE in 2023 more than 400,000 electronic declarations were submitted on real estate purchases, parental benefits, donations and inheritances and taxes established in favour of the State budget exceeding 761 million euros from 710 million euros in 2022 (p. An increase of 7.1%), notes ERT. In particular, transfer tax receipts were made last year at 520.24m euros and in 2022 they had reached 483.86m euros. The proceeds from the building transfer tax (constructions) amounted to 426.04m euros compared to 371.24m euros in 2022 recording an increase of 14.76%. On the contrary, 16.75% saw tax revenue from land and parcel purchases that were shaped as 94.20m euros from 112.62m euros a year earlier. At high levels, parental donations and inheritances were moved with the taxes that strengthened state funds amounting to 240.67m euros in 2023 out of 226.24m euros in 2022. The increase in donations and parental benefits is mainly attributed to the adjustment of the tax-free limit to EUR 800,000 for first-class relatives, i.e. spouses, persons who have concluded a partnership, children, grandchildren and parents. For 2024 the budget provides for increased revenue from real estate transfers to exceed EUR 800 million. Taxes from sales will reach 570m euros while another 235m euros are estimated to flow into the state funds from parental benefits, donations and inheritances

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