557 ACTIVE Fire ESTIES across Russia

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(Title)  nightmare remains the situation in the Russian capital, which can not be removed from the toxic gkrizokitrino veil.
More ominous than yesterday is forecast climatologists who believe that the cloud of smoke from the fires will continue on to Moscow at least week’s end, even if a bit cool.
It told the state news agency RIA Novosti, the deputy director of Russia’s Weather Dmitry Kiktief Centre, challenging his colleagues to forecast Tuesday to Wednesday to spray drifted in another direction.
«I think we will have to be this great change, tomorrow the wind is southeast, course welcome, on 11 months is south, so I doubt that something will change tomorrow. In the second half of the week the wind will be weak, variable, meaning it is unlikely to dispel the cloud which seems to remain above Moscow, because there is nowhere to turn for the moment, “said Kiktief, explaining that previous estimates of the Centre “Fear” based on data from the meteorological service of the U.S. and the differences in the forecasts show the uncertain situation.

According to other estimates in the middle of the week and especially the Wednesday will fall rains, crucial to help improve the situation.
remain high and the concentrations of poisonous gases in the atmosphere of Moscow, where carbon monoxide and suspended particles exceeded the afternoon at 2.2 times the maximum permissible values and specific hydrocarbons by 3.5 times, while average daily rates were much worse since exceeded the last 24 hours was 9 (!) times for particulate matter, 3.3 times for carbon monoxide, 0.7 -4.5 for nitrogen dioxide and 1.4 times for nitrogen oxide.

The heat and maintain the levels of ozone at 5.4 times above normal.
Nasty are the figures, released by the head of the Department of Health of the City of Moscow, Andrei Seltsofski, noting an increase in mortality by at least two times. “If we have been daily in Moscow 360-380 deaths, now about 700, said Seltsofski the Interfax news agency, although unofficial estimates speak of larger increases in deaths.

Related reports, which were based on data from funeral and published in business daily “Komersant” believe that the deaths are increased by 2.5 to 3 times, but not missed, and estimates to increase by 8-10 times.
response Mr. Seltsofski was denied this information and asked “not to panic scattered».
Toxic smoke cloud covered the weekend and St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals, but as the morning Monday had dissolved due to favorable winds, not at all helpful in the case of Moscow.
The authorities in Moscow did not intend to declare an emergency, according to Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin city.
«The situation is under control the face and I will succeed, “said Mr. Resin, who asserted that the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Louskof, who speedily returned yesterday to the Russian capital from treatment abroad,” help to address the crisis and away ».
The Muscovite facing crisis as they can and leave the capital by whatever means available.

Yesterday was all overcrowded buses, trains and airplanes, and huge queues were outbound from the city car . Also yesterday departed by plane from Moscow to 104,440 passengers, a record number for this year.
Temperatures in the city are moving steadily at around 35 degrees and the suburbs, burning, and even reach 38. Apart from a few delays to a small number of flights at airports adjusted and working to 750-900 meters visibility.
According to testimonies of people and tourism operators sold out all the free packages to countries without a visa for Russian citizens, as Turkey, Egypt and Montenegro.
Several candidates tourists and tourism operators in the area even pose the question ‘why could not be removed even temporarily the power of the Schengen Agreement on humanitarian grounds to make it easier to fly even And those who would like to pay a trip to travel to European countries like Greece ».

Moscow residents who were unable to flee, resort hotels, shopping malls and places with air conditioning, even in their cars, and is the dominant feeling that after so many days the smoke and odor are no longer enter into the interior of buildings and apartments that are required not ventilated.
Many complaints expressed and 120 ‘centers breath, opened the City of Moscow, many of which have no air conditioning, only consolation and tea for the elderly.
According to official data of Ministry of Emergency Situations 557 fires are active throughout Russia and an area of 174,000 acres. The last 24 hours broke 247 new homes and extinguished 239. Of the total number of fires on the 25 surface smoldering peat deposits, incomplete combustion which produces the bulk of carbon monoxide.
Controlled characterized the situation in and around the nuclear center Sniezinsk in the Urals, where The fire has left the building with night-coordinated operation, but not completely extinguished.

The head of the air forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said Rafael Zakirof currently used in 34 flying through the fires, by including 9 foreign. Tomorrow, the number will increase with two amphibious Berief B-200 received directly from the factory, two helicopters, C-32, arriving from Turkey, two aircraft from Italy and another from France.
In last night meeting which was chaired by the Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Saigon called redeployment of forces and their concentration in the most dangerous fronts, including that of Moscow, who seems adamant and suffering already for two weeks residents of the capital.
Mr Saigon announced “general attack on fronts environs of Moscow, which will relieve the Russian capital from the fires in 5-7 days.

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