48 hours in Sparta: In the legendary city of Greece

It is true that Greece is full of history. One could say that under every stone, there is some fragment of Greek, ancient culture in which a piece of history is hidden. Undoubtedly, a place that played an important role in building the long history of ancient and modern Greek space is Sparta. In a city where the ancient is elaborately connected to the modern, in Sparta, time could seem to have stopped in Leonidas’ time. But it’s not like that. The city has managed to complicate its extremely important ancient elements in the construction of a modern city, which seems ideal to the local and every visitor. From the capital, Sparta is about three hours away. The route is not tiring at all, as the new roads make the journey comfortable. In addition, there are points where you can stop and admire the route that Feidippidis, the ancient Athenian runner, who in 490 BC, before the Battle of Marathon, was sent from Athens to Sparta to seek help for the war that the Greeks fought with the Persians. Today, this important contribution of Feidippides to the outcome of the race is revived through Spartathlon, organized every September. Once you reach Sparta, you will immediately feel the imposingness of the place. The largest monument of the city, the statue of Leonidas, stands erect at the beginning of the main avenue, Constantine Palaiologos Street, as if he had stayed there himself, guarding the city. Starting wandering from there, you can visit the archaeological site of Sparta, located behind the statue. .