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(Title)  Armies installed by police today in Thessaloniki in the context of historically elevated measures taken by the Police on the opening day of the TIF. “These measures are more stringent than what the 2003 summit, has told the chief of Police Lefteris Economou. The unprecedented mobilization organized with the participation of more than 4,000 police officers.

From tomorrow at the police road palace monastery originally installed by the Deputy Chief of Police John Rachovitsas, which this year will oversee the organization of policy measures to prevent incidents during the protests at the inauguration of the 75th TIF. But the days of large demonstrations expected at headquarters to find himself the chief of police. “Let’s avoid having any bad,” says the “MTK” sources of the Civil Protection Department, noting that this year’s demonstrations will be “local color” to the economic crisis and pointing out that fear that this will exploit groups of troublemakers.
For the first time the enhanced in Thessaloniki will apply from Monday, with police deployment on the retention targets and increased patrols. It is significant that apart from the Riot Police and order measures to be mobilized from Thessaloniki and the rest of northern Greece, the greater the number of riot squads that will be used from Athens, while it is still open, the number of squads to order measures will rise from the capital, after the leadership of the Police given the green light to aid “those forces want Thessaloniki. Furthermore, from Athens to develop two group “Delta”, mostly used in the demonstrations, while outside forces DIAS Group of Thessaloniki, the same groups of bikers will arrive from all over northern Greece.
“The Thessaloniki police state will, as the period of the Summit, “admitted police officers, even expressing their objections, that the plan is excessive. At each opening TIF recruited about 3,200 policemen. This year, the figure was originally calculated in 3700, but it may surpass the 4000, not yet nothing has been finalized.

Great concern of the makers of Police Thessaloniki for the project will be implemented on the opening day of the TIF, next Saturday, so often marked the most violent episodes. The decision of the rectors of this year, make-event concert at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki complicates the design of police, provided the exclusion of university places Saturday. In recent years, the university places were closed and, in addition, during the evolution path of the police bus was deployed perpendicular to the road Via Egnatia, National Defense Melenikou and St. Demetrius, severing thus organized demonstrators access to the sites Aristotle, especially troublemakers usually take shelter after the marches. So it is difficult to make this year because the university will be open.
“It is the first major demonstration since the entry of the IMF in our economy. The reaction is great, especially from groups that tend to cause unrest, “Police officers claimed Emphasizes again that the mobilization of the antiauthoritarian space should be large. Indeed, members of extremist groups may be strengthened and abroad.
Most forces will be deployed around the Vellidio convention center, which will be the inauguration of the Prime Minister. It is considered certain that dozens of riot squads and order measures will surround the convention center, as happens every year, prohibiting access to demonstrators.

Much weight should be given during the days preceding the opening, ie over throughout the week. Intense fear of prosecution authorities are arson attacks, but mostly a stunning blow for terrorism. Analysts Counter transmitting back to the leadership ranks of the Police that opens the TIF as an economic event involving this symbolism, so there is fertile ground for terrorist attack. “The fear is stronger now, as people gathered in Thessaloniki from Greece. The economic focus here, “confirmed the anti-terrorist officers from Thessaloniki. The service will be enhanced by a great many people who come to Athens, but was not ruled to be put into operation and monitoring equipment has been purchased by the Police
In addition, even greater will be the preventive controls streets during the week. The same pattern was applied during the summit in 2003, provoking strong reactions in organizations, and found many people for identification to police stations.
On standby, will also be at both the port and the fire, forces which should be reinforced in the opening.

The Head of Police Lefteris Economou knows very well that the opening day of the 75th International Fair, and special demonstrations will be around the Vellidio and areas of concentration will be set up satellite facilities of the biggest TV channels in the world. Especially for the communication part of the measures, instructions given personally by Mr. Economou, who also was the one who cared to do so as a spokesman for the Police, the period of demonstrations for the summit in 2003.
This year, the leadership of the Civil Protection Department know that the eyes of the world will be in Greece and feel that the potential to cause widespread incidents would be the worst scenario for the world to discredit our country. Characteristically said, even the attitude that will keep law enforcement authorities in these demonstrations to find the target of global media. For this reason diaminyoun operational managers need to pay particular attention in the way of demonstrations.

Kostas Kantouri

pinch TV
5-9 – 2010

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