40% reduction in the allowance position of nurses

The complete discrediting of the role and contribution of nurses to the NHS, it introduces… layout of the bill for the “red loans”, which was filed last Saturday 12 December in the House.
As stated in the ΠΑΣΥΝΟ-YOU, while the allowance position to all the heads of departments down to the amount of 290 euros, an increase of 50 euros, especially for the department heads of the Nursing Services of the Hospital will be reduced by 40% in the amount of 150 euros! That is, the heads of the nursing departments not only do not deserve a wage reward, but punished already, taken apparently as insufficient, so it takes a specially for them the reduction of the allowance!
The president of the ΠΑΣΥΝΟ-YOU Aristides Δάγλας, in view of the above called “the initiators of this shameful device, such as withdraw it directly,” stressing that “the nurses will not tolerate this kind of humiliating behaviors, affecting their dignity, reduce the value of the offer and without prejudice to the validity of the nursing profession”.
Given the above, the Federation has invited all of the Nurses in συγκέντρωσηδιαμαρτυρίας, today Tuesday 15/12, outside the Ministry of Health at 10.00 am.m., so that the conflicting provision will be withdrawn immediately.
The Union Of Nurses In Greece
The President of ENE, mr. Dimitris Skoutelis, said: “This unequal treatment of nurses doesn’t have historical precedent in the course of wage settings in the country. For the first time introduced a provision in the bill, which establishes an adverse wage response of nurses! Instead of, well, the current government to enhance the timeless underdog and underpaid nurses, proportionally always with the work offer, and to choose to do them an injustice, in turn, ensures at least equal treatment to other sectors of workers in the public sector”.
In addition, the most infuriating, is the explanatory report accompanying the legislation at issue. There are mentioned the following: “the provisions of article 16 set out the allowance for position of responsibility, which for the heads of administration increased by 14% on average, compared with the current, in order to enhance more the effect of wage decompression, on the other hand, to reward salary the responsibility of these positions”.
That is, the Heads of the Nursing Departments not only do not deserve a wage reward, but punished already, taken apparently as insufficient, so it takes a specially for them the reduction of the allowance !
The Aristides Δάγλας Secretary-General of the ENERGY and chairman of the ΠΑΣΥΝΟ-YOU, noted: “this Is an unprecedented option, which reveals above all the ignorance of the rulers in relation to the nursing of everyday life within the public hospital. Most, however, regrettable point is that the controversial bill is signed by the Minister of Health! I wonder if the honourable Minister of Health, that puts his signature on the bill, is not aware or does not recognize the offer of the nurses in?”
It must be stressed, finally, that the eventual adoption of this provision will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and the reactions they will receive dimensions of a stream, with unpredictable consequences. The self-sacrifice of the nurses touches, no longer, its limits, as the ridicule is at its peak.