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3rd place at the Mediterranean Championship in Fitness for the Αλμυριώτη Chr. Νταβούρα

The 3rd place in the category of, in the Mediterranean Championship of Fitness that was conducted…
in Valis in Agria, conquered the Αλμυριώτης Christos Νταβούρας. He said: I Want to thank my wife yet again for her patience. Also my friends who came to see me from near, and with στηρίξανε with their presence: George Papadopoulos, Dimitris Stamatiou, Perry Weaver, Panagiotis Τζοβάρα, Lefteris Bronx and Saki Svazt. To them I dedicate, I love them and I thank them.
Last Weekend the curtain came down in the Mediterranean Championship of Fitness, which was held with great success in the Valis in the Wild.
The organizing curator of the event, not for the first time in our region and is under the auspices of the NABBA and WFF (World Fitness Federation), took over the former world Βολιώτης champion Claus Ζαχείλας and gym, was the overall winner. In the championship was performed by famous Bodybuilders from all countries of the Mediterranean.
From the gym to mr. Ζαχείλα stood out 6 athletes among the 52 who took part. The 6 of Volos won the following awards:
1st place, Extreme Body: Μαραγγός Triantafyllos
1st place, Fitness: Μαϊμάνης Nikos
1st place, Men over 40: Λαγιαννάκης John
3rd place, Athletic: Ζαγκαΐλιας John
3rd place, Models over 30: Νταβούρας Christos
1st place, Performance: Μαριτσούδη Θεοφανεία
The acclaimed athlete Μαραγγός Triantafyllos with the years of experience of the conquered and the title of the General Winner.