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    Is interested for vaccines? In an informal “market research” have been engaged by the competent departments of the Ministry of Health to find any interested countries from the southern hemisphere, which could be disposed of vaccines procured by our country to address pandemic influenza and «surplus».

    A year ago (July 31, 2009) the then government presented the National Plan for dealing with pandemic flu and took the decision to vaccinate the entire population against the virus A (H1N1) . Today, the Ministry of Health is investigating solutions for optimum utilization of pandemic vaccines were not available, which is estimated at about 3 million doses and stored at the Central Laboratory of Public Health and the Centers vaccinated in public hospitals. Among the options being considered and any reimbursement by the vaccine manufacturers and the ‘exchange’ with other medications to use. In any case, final decisions are expected in September.

    Most vaccines have received our country ends in 2011, but there are lots that have already expired in July, and other ending in August. The precise number is not yet known, as are lots available in hospitals and large, have been used. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has asked public hospitals to return the expired vaccines (the deadline which had been given until last Friday), and those that will expire in August at the Central Public Health Laboratory to be destroyed.

    recalled that the Health Ministry received 3.6367 million doses. Overall had ordered 16 million doses of vaccine, however, given the poor response of citizens to call authorities for immunization, the ministry moved last December to terminate the contracts so as to save about 80 million. Of these, 1.2 million doses available in vaccinated centers and vaccinated 365,000 people. Since the vaccine was made available in packs of ten doses which since opening in each vial had a margin of “life” 24 hours is estimated that the number of doses “used” or “canceled” and can reach 500,000.

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