3 reasons why the electronic cigarette alter eGo A1 Pro comes first in the preferences…

    Maybe it’s time to obtain an e-cigarette that combines them all? Appearance, performance, innovation, elegance, state of the art technical characteristics, small size, color of your choice, safety, convenience but…
    and functions that, until now, had no such συγκευή it? Become a “professional” vapers, meet the all-in-one A1 Pro the alter eGo, and it is certain that it will… stick to it!

    Watch out for the technical characteristics and ask yourself if there is something similar: built-in atomizer and a battery of 2,100 mAh with double protection system and control of you, tank capacity fluid type TFTA (filling from the top and control the flow of air at the top) 3.5 ml to refill as possible, more rarely, “leak proof” mouthpiece for extra security so you don’t have you ever wet your lips, control of the temperature resistance of titanium and nickel… All of these cause for the privileged possessor of a superior vaping experience that invites you to enjoy it! You need something more?

    Manufacturers of felt that I have to… spoiled, and utilizing the latest technology, they turned it into the A1 Pro real gadget: the distinctive display, you can view the time in analog and digital clock while the moments you want to relax, I probably wouldn’t leave it from your hands: it is included the digital game flappy bird, turning your electronic cigarette and… entertainment tool! And the best, here they come: The software is upgraded so you don’t you’ll never be behind in the developments and the innovations in store for the future of the electronic cigarette!
    And because of such a electronic cigarette the requirements are limitless, don’t forget that you can have the maximum performance every time: Feed your atomizer with all the power of the battery, using heads from 0.2-1.5 ohm, while maintaining all of the security settings. With the heads of resistance from 1.5 ohm type-Clapton up to 0.6 or 0.5 Ohm or even 0,25 ohm type Notchcoi,l enjoy rich, powerful, and unrivaled volume of vapor, while with a head nickel at 0.2 Ohm to play loud in the temperature control and change the experience depending on the moment!
    Select three colors, black, silver and red, combining it with the color of the tank and the way it looks liquid in this, as this is a feature that is provided… electronic!

    Do you prefer a different atomizer from the built-in? And yet, since it provided a specific basis in order to adjust the atomizer of your choice! Did you say anything?
    Watch the walkthrough for the possibilities and the mode of operation of the A1 Pro in the video of alter eGo Academy:

    Package contains:

    • 1 x alter eGo A1 Pro
    • 1 x replacement head BF Clapton 1.5 ohm
    • 1 x Mouthpiece (Black)
    • 1 x micro USB cable φόρτησης
    • Instructions for Use in English
    Get the full package with a 79 euro in the specialized retail network of alter eGo!
    Give the άτμισμά your taste… summer, combining your new electronic cigarette the delicious flavors of fruit, choosing from the huge range of alter eGo! Watermelon, melon or cherry? Summer is here and not only… enjoy with your favorite habit!
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