2nd race of the Cup Drift for 2016

    The Sports Club Car of Chania (ASACH) prepares for the 2nd race of the …
    Cup Drift for 2016 and, respectively, in the 2nd race GP Tuning Sunday 15/5/2016
    The 2nd race Drift for the Cretan Cup is gonna be very interesting after this/from the island and with important participations from the rest of Greece will “compete” for positions of the podium!
    And, of course, could not miss a race GP Tuning (atomic timekeeping)!!!
    time 10:00 : Race GP Tuning
    time 13:00 : Race Ντρίφτ
    The registrations expire on the Friday 6/5 strictly
    Regulations for the games can be downloaded from here and the technical regulations of the http://www.omae-epa.gr/
    For any information about the racing licenses, contact the Themis Marinakis in 6974656466
    H renewal/issuance of your license you must have done to 6/5, even for the “daily” license in the event of συμμετοχης your GP Tuning
    An upfront thank you to ANEK LINES/BLUE STAR FERRIES are the sponsors of Out of Crete participants, and the professionals who support this event: Dj Μαραγκουδάκης Costas, Beverages, Geranium, Waters, Samaria and the Ice cubes Crete
    Catalytic is the help from:
    the Samaritans of the Red Cross, the Fire services of Chania, and the Ambulance of the Clinic Τσεπέτη and of course the Municipality of Platanias
    And, of course, a big thank you to the Sponsors of communication : MACH Fm, New Tv, Tv KYDON, Radio Beacon, Creteplus.gr, CRN.gr, Haniotika Nea, athlitiko.gr People of the City, Aris myridakis photography , eparxies.gr, and the Σεληνιώτικα New