2024 Olympic Games: Who are the 57 Greeks who qualified in Paris?

Dora Guntura is the last Greek athlete to ensure her presence in Paris. Who are the 57 Greek champions who have so far sealed their ticket for the summer. The heart of world sport will strike in Paris this summer, where the Olympic Games will be held from 16 July to 11 August. Greece aspires to send a large mission to France, with the blue-white already celebrated 57 qualifying (32 Men 25 Women) in 12 sports. The Greek team so far in the Olympics Games : COLYMBES (13) Apostolos Christos, Apostolos Siskos, Anna Dudounakis, Christian Golomeev, Stergios- Marios Bilas, Vangelis Makrigiannis, Dimitris Markos, Alkis Kyngiakis, Andreas Vazaios, Nora Drakos, Konstantinos Stamos, Konstantinos Eggezakis and Giorgos Aspougalis. KOLYMPVIS (2) Evangelia Plataniotis, Sophia Malkogeorgou NATIONAL POLO OF MEN (13) NATIONAL POLO OF WOMEN (13) STIVOS (3) Miltos Tentoglou, Emmanuel Karalis, Antigone Drissibiotis KOPILIASIA (3) Stefanos Duskos, Christina Bourbou and Evangelia Anastasiadou SKOPOPOVOLI (5) Anna Korakakis, Christina Moschi, Makis Mitas, Babis Chalkiadakis and Emmanuela Katzurakis. GYMNASTIC (1) Leuteris Petrounias IPPAIA (1) Iolis Mytilenaios PALI (1) Giorgos Kougioumtsidis PODILASIA (1) George Bouglas ZIFASKIA (1) Dora Guntura At the last Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 2021, Greece had sent a team of 83 people to 17 sports and had won four medals (two golds, one silver and one bronze). Greece’s biggest mission was when in 2004 the country hosted the event, where we had 204 participants and 16 medals. At the 2024 Olympics in Paris, Greece aspires to be represented by a three-digit number of athletes, which seems highly likely, since they have already secured the participation of 57 athletes and Olympic qualification is still open to many sports. The next period will be able to claim qualification and the members of the ansable team, in rhythmic, while the next months are full of pre- Olympic tournaments in fighter sports. In June the qualification from the sports that give ranking based tickets will also emerge, while in July the men’s basketball team will try to qualify for the Olympics, playing at its headquarters.