20% of Americans believe the Covid-19 vaccines have surveillance micro-chips, survey shows

One in five Americans believes that Covid-19 vaccines have microchips inserted for governments to secretly spy on citizens.

20% of those questioned in the survey said claimed that the injectable substance in the Covid-19 vaccines had been infused with mini-devices of advanced technology.

Despite the lack of evidence to support such a claim, the poll found that 15% of Americans said this conspiracy theory was “probably true”, while another 5% said it was “definitely true”.

The same poll showed that 27% of people aged 30-44 support this theory. In addition, 8% of Joe Biden’s Democratic voters and 29% of Donald Trump’s Republican voters are proponents of this theory.

Misinformation about COVID-19 has been a contentious issue over the past year amid a pandemic. Recently, US President Joe Biden said that the misinformation spread on social media about the virus “kills people”.

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