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15 awesome tricks you can do with your body…

Here are 15 awesome tricks you can do with your body, using different, unknown to most, functions of…
1) If you eat your neck, then scratch your ear. When the nerves in the ear become irritated then create a small spasm of the neck muscles, and so stops directly bother you.
2) you can’t hear someone at a party or on the phone? Use your right ear because it works better the weak sound signals. The left, however, work better for the musical notes
3) If you want to go to the bathroom urgently, but there is no close access, then visualize issues around the RELATIONS. These thoughts create distraction in the brain and so you will have a little more time (don’t forget, though…)
4) Relieve the stuffy instantly, just by lifting the tongue on the palate and with a finger press between the eyebrows. Repeat for about 20 seconds and your nose will be released…
5) The next time you need to make an injection or a vaccine as it enters the needle, then cough (not so loud so as to move the needle). This will weaken the signal of pain as it travels to your brain by increasing momentarily the pressure in the spine.
6) If you eat a heavy meal in the evening and need to sleep. Then lie down by your left side. This will protect you from the acids of the stomach. The stomach in this position is down from the esophagus resulting in acid can rise into your esophagus.
7) If you have acute toothache, then rub with ice the back of your hand to the point between the thumb and index finger. The nerves at that point they activate a part of the brain that blocks pain signals from your mouth.
8) If you are drunk and the room starts spinning, then place your hand on something stable. The reason why the room is spinning, is that the labyrinth, which is located inside your ear does not receive the correct blood pressure. The labyrinth is the one who sets the balance. So when you put your hand to a fixed point, then the brain has a second point of reference.
9) If your nose is bleeding, then put a little cotton in the gums behind front teeth, right below your nose and press hard. The main part of the blood that bleeds passes through the cartilage that separates your nose. By pressing there, it will help to stop very soon the bleeding.
10) do you Have nervousness? Then blow on your thumb. The vagus nerve controls the rhythm of your heartbeat. So you can relax the vagus nerve, just breathing on it.
11) you Want to keep for most of the time your breath under water? ΥΠΕΡΟΞΥΓΟΝΩΘΕΙΤΕ. Instead take a deep breath and dive in, take a few quick breaths. This will trick your brain who thinks that has more oxygen in it and it will give you an extension for about 10 seconds.
12) Avoid the brain freeze. Put the tongue on the palate, leaning against the wide (and not just the top) and cover as much of the palate as you can. The nerves at this point are cold too easily. When this happens the brain believes that the whole body is very cold, with the result that overheating of the same, and often causes headache.Warming well the nerves in your palate, the brain is cooled, and the headache (due to this cause) goes through.
13) If you paralyze your hand, then shake your head left and right. This will wake you up immediately your hand (in less than a minute). Your hand paralyzed because the nerves of the neck (neck) is pressed. If you relax, then the hand will recover. If the same thing happens in your leg, just get up and try to walk a little. The nerves of the foot is low in your body.
14) A perfectly useless, but nice trick. Get someone to open his arms to the side with the palm facing down. Try with your two fingers, to of download hand.
The hand will bring resistance and will remain in the air. But if you put it under the one leg, two books or a few magazines so that is about 2 -3 ec high from the floor and do it again, then his hand immediately going to fall down. This is because the spine will not be straight, with the result that it is impossible to hold the hand up in the air, and as much as I resist
15) If you have hiccups, then press with your thumb and index finger on your eyebrows repeatedly and will soon subside

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