12 ways to avoid depression of the holidays

A lot of people the holiday season pass what we call “depression” of Christmas, Or because it has affected their economic situation, or because those around them often appear with their partners in the various party and they don’t have…
What you can do is 12 simple things, so don’t be swayed by the general climate and to spend the and possibly better than the rest.
What is this?
1. Get out of the house, even on your own, walk, take the music with you and enjoy your ride.
2. Search for the company of friends or acquaintances, if only to do the necessary shopping together.
3. Give time to yourself and think about what you would like to … make a gift! Yes, the gifts are not only for others, after all you don’t deserve, and perhaps the best gift of all?
4. Do not refuse invitations, go where you call, you never know how you will spend. Don’t presume a situation that will not be good. Besides, you always have the alternative if you really bored to go!
5. Start to exercise, not necessarily hard and intensely. With exercise our body releases our natural antidepressants. Why not use it?
6. Think about what goals you have put. If you look high, maybe it’s time to lower the bar. This does not mean that you abandon your goal but you can divide it into more small, so that it is more likely achieve them.
7. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. No need to make festive tables if you don’t want or embellish your entire home with Christmas decorations, if and the -albeit small – adornment that could put you even a little bit more on the climate.
8. You don’t need to be happy because it’s Christmas! Allow yourself to feel as he feels…
9. Do things that you feel you thank you and let’s don’t go hand in hand with the festive atmosphere.
10. If these days you work as a lot of people still don’t μιζεριάζετε, but try to give a little color to your work to make you feel more beautiful!
11. If your feeling is dismal, you are irritable or feel discomfort and grief, take a breath, sit back a little and ask yourself: What’s happening to me? What can be responsible for the way that I feel? What I’m doing and καταθλίβομαι it? What needs do I have now? What do I do to satisfy you? Small questions but can you change the way you see and experience situations. Remember the meeting of our needs is the one that can give us the strength to move on…
12. If there are intense depressive symptoms that don’t seem to be able to overcome just like that, we need to turn to friends or to your relatives, generally people who feel more intimate and talk to them about how you feel. There is no shame to ask for their help!